The most expensive hotel room in the world

September 11, 2019 3:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Got a couple hundred grand lying around? If so, you could score some serious bragging rights by crashing in the new Empathy Suite designed by British artist and provocateur, Damien Hirst, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Experts named the country with the world’s largest number of hotels with “stars”

May 13, 2019 5:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

BoldData has unveiled a list of countries with the largest number of hotels with “stars“. In total, according to experts, in the world, there are a little more than 1 million objects of accommodation, of which 402 thousand – are classified hotels with the “stars“. Europe is the continent, which has the most hotels with “stars“. The country with the largest number of hotels with “stars” is Italy. The second place took Croatia. Already behind them are France, Germany, and Great Britain. The leader in the number of five-star hotels in a separate country is France, Italy is on the second place. After Europe, Asia has the largest number of hotels with “stars“. Asia has the most “star” hotels in China, Thailand, Japan, India, and Indonesia.