Accommodation rules in “Teatralny” hotel

The order of accomodation at the Hotel and payment for the Hotel services


  1. The hotel is opened round the clock.
  2. The check-out time at the hotel is 12 p.m. (Kiev time); the check-in is possible from 02 p.m.
  3. The hotel applies a daily fee for hotel services.
  4. If children under 7 years old stay in one room with their parents without extra beds, then they are not charged any fee for their accommodation (however, the child’s breakfast is provided). For children under 2 years old, a baby cot is provided free of charge.
  5. Visiting guests is only possible from 09 a.m till 11 p.m. Unauthorized visitors who stay at the room after 11 p.m. must pre-register at the Reception desk and pay for accommodation according to approved tariffs.
  6. Payments for accommodation and services provided by the hotel can be made in cash, by bank transfer or credit card, according to the current hotel accommodation price list.

Payments for accommodation and additional services are only possible in the national currency – hryvnia. You will be previously charged for a 100% prepayment as a payment for your accomodation. Guests who stay for less than 24 hours are charged for a full day, regardless of the time of check-in. For check-in from 12 a.m. till 06 a.m. 100% of the price for the room must be paid; in case of early arrival from 06 a.m. till 12 p.m. or a late check-out from 12 p.m. till
09 p.m. an additional fee is charged in accordance with the applicable rates (see ACCOMMODATION TARIFFS). To extend the period of accomodation the guest must inform the administrator and make an advance payment for the amount of nights he needs. If no such prepayment has been made, the hotel has the right to refuse in the extension of the accommodation period.

  1. The room rate does not include a tourist tax, imposed by the administration of the cities of Ukraine. The tourist tax must be paid separately.
  • The tourist tax is a local tax, which is credited to the local budget.
  • Taxpayers: the taxpayers are the citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreigners and people without citizenship who arrive on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit, where the decision of the village or city council, as well as the council of the united territorial community (established in accordance with the law and the perspective plan of formation of the territories of the communities) about the establishment of a tourist tax is valid. These people are temporarily placed in the places of residence (overnight) specified by the paragraph 268.5.1 clause 268.5 of Article 258 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.
  • Definition of terms “Resident” and “Non-resident” is regulated by sub-clauses 14.1.213. and 14.1.122. Item 14.1 of Article 14 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.
  • The tourist tax is not included in the room rate and is paid separately, except for the groups of people who are exempt from paying. An obligatory condition for exemption from payment of a tourist fax is the presence of an order for a business trip at the check-in and / or providing of its scan during the reservation. In order for a tourist tax not to be included in the invoice when booking by cashless payment, it is necessary to send a scan copy of an order for a business trip with along with the booking application to the booking department. Otherwise, the tourist tax will be included in the bill.
  • People exempted from paying the tourist tax include:

– People with disabilities, children with disabilities, who have the appropriate documents and accompanying persons with them (no more than one attending person for the person with the I degree of disability or children with disabilities).

– Veterans of war, who have an appropriate certificate with them (including ATO participants).

– Participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, who have an appropriate certificate.

– Persons who arrived on vouchers (passports) in sanatorium and boarding houses, and have a ticket with them.

–  Children under the age of 18 years old.

–  Persons who permanently reside, including on the terms of employment contracts, in a village, settlement or city, whose councils have got such a tax.

  1. Payment for accommodation is fully returned only in case of well-timed cancellation of the booking – not later than one day before the scheduled date of arrival. If you do not check in or cancel the booking in less than 24 hours before the estimated time, the price for the first night will not be refunded.
  2. In case of an early departure of the guest, the hotel does not return the prepayment made for their residence.
  3. The room (the accommodation) at the hotel is only provided after the provision of a passport or any other document certifying a person, which includes: the passport of a citizen of Ukraine, the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad, diplomatic or service passport, seaman’s identity card, residence permit of the person living in Ukraine, who is not a citizen of Ukraine, a foreigner’s national passport or a substitute document, and a visa for a stay in Ukraine (unless otherwise provided by valid bilateral agreements), a birth certificate of minors who have not turned 16 years old, driver’s license, for military persons – personal identification card or military card, certificate issued at the place of work of the guest, etc. If a document of identification has not been presented or the hotel services have not been paid, the hotel has the right to refuse to provide the accommodation or any other services for a guest.
  4. An early check-in or a late check-out is only possible if there are vacant rooms in the hotel and no reservations are made for the certain dates in accordance with the hotel’s pricelist.
  5. A room reservation is a pre-order made before the start of the day of the scheduled arrival date (but not earlier than 6 months before the arrival date). The following booking procedure is established:
  • Booking application, the specification of this application;
  • Provision of the invoice for payment (incl. by fax or e-mail) or payment made at the hotel’s website;
  • Once the invoice had been paid, the hotel issues a written confirmation of the room reservation, which also says that the room will be ready for check-in before 02 p.m. on the day of the arrival.
  1. When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to return the key and make a full payment at the reception, including the telephone calls, laundry services, etc. The administration recommends the guests to take into account the time required for checking the room when checking out (5-10 minutes).
  2. In case of accommodation with a pet, the guest must pay an additional fee charged by the hotel.
  3. The hotel guarantees its guests their privacy. Guests of the Hotel take into account and do not object to the use of CCTV cameras on the territory of the Hotel except for the toilet rooms and the hotel rooms. All information is recorded on digital media is then registered and stored. The video surveillance is provided for the sake and safety of the guests, as well as their personal belongings and the property of the hotel. The hotel has the right to provide all required information at the request of authorized state bodies.
  4. The administration strongly recommends the guests to close the door of their rooms during the rest. Some particularly valuable things (like money, jewelry, etc.), that are compact in size and can thus be stolen easily, can be stored in the safe, which is located at the reception desk. The hotel administration is not responsible for values that are not stored in the safe. In case of loss of personal things from the room, the guest is obliged to immediately inform the administration to take the necessary actions for their search.
  5. If the guest does not want to be disturbed, he can hang a sign saying “Please do not disturb!” outside on the door handle. The other side of the sign says: “Please clean up!”.
  6. Parking is allowed either in front of the hotel central entrance on the Troitska (Chekists) Street, 23 (free of charge), or in the courtyard of the hotel with video surveillance (for an additional price).
  7. Information about some additional hotel services (both free and the ones that require additional payment) can be found in the information folder in the room.
  8. You can leave your feedback about the hotel either at the reception desk by the hotel’s administrator or on the hotel’s website.

The following actions are strictly forbidden during the accommodation:

– letting strangers stay in the room during the period of the guest’s absence, as well as passing the room key to them;

– storing bulky items, as well as flammable, explosive and flammable substances and objects in the room;

–  using electric heating appliances that are not included in the room kit;

–  throwing garbage or any other objects from the hotel windows and the balconies;

–  smoking in the rooms, halls and other places at the hotel;

–  bringing and storing at the room items and materials that might be dangerous for the life and health of other people;

–  rearranging and taking furniture out of the hotel’s rooms;

– violating the generally accepted norms of behavior, as well as staying on the territory of the Hotel under the influence of drugs;

–  causing damage to the hotel’s property;

– accommodating guests at the hotel after 11 p.m. without paying and registering their stay first.


According to the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on the Improvement of Certain Provisions on the Restriction of Smoking Places of Tobacco Products” smoking (tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and hookahs) in hotel is strictly prohibited. The Hotel Administration has the right to inform the competent authorities of the violation of the rules of fire safety, smoking in inappropriate places and disobedience to the legitimate requirements of the administration. The fine for smoking is 300 UAH. Smoking is allowed in some specially designated places only (namely: outside next to the central entrance, on the balconies of the rooms and on the balconies on the floors).

In case of loss, destruction or damage of the property of the hotel, the guest must fully compensate the cost of the loss or destruction done in accordance with the internal documents of the hotel.


If the Guest has repeatedly violated the Accommodation Rules and/or Fire Safety Regulations, which has led to material damage and/or has created inconveniences for the other guests, the hotel has the right to refuse settlement or to terminate the contract (to make eviction).



We wish you a pleasant stay!