World War Two gas masks and goldfish and other items left behind by guests

15/08/2019 15:30

The hotels giant’s lost property cupboard ranges from socks to large family portraits.

The weirdest and wonderful items that people have left behind in their hotel rooms have been revealed by Premier Inn.

A goldfish, a gas mask and a glass slipper were among the most unusual finds that staff have made after guests have checked out.

Staff found a goldfish in one room. It has since been adopted by a team member. A glass slipper and a historic Second World War gas mask were discovered at other locations. A large-scale professional family portrait was also discovered by staff after it was left hanging on the wall by one guest.

The most popular items that guests left behind were phone chargers, toothbrushes and toiletries, while single shoes – often found under the bed – books and teddy bears are also frequently found.