The World’s Most Instagrammable Places

21/02/2020 17:52

Scroll through Instragram, and you may notice certain trends when it comes to travel shots. Backgrounds are filled with striking color, gardens and flowers abound, and selfies are backed by the glittering sea.

The world is filled with places that look right at home on social media feeds. But which places are the absolute best?

Using a scoring system based on the number of hashtags used, plus travel-expert and traveler opinions, Big 7 Travel recently answered that question by devising a list of the most Instagrammable places on earth.

Read on to discover the 15 most picture-perfect destinations — and prepare to experience serious wanderlust.

15. Japan

It’s hard to snap photos in Japan — home to natural sights like Mt. Fuji and historic attractions dating back centuries — that don’t warrant a place on Instagram.


In the Land of the Rising Sun, there’s one place that’s particularly deserving of a spot on your feed — Suwa Takashima Castle, aka the “Floating Castle.”

Built in 1592, the palace is built directly on Lake Suwa, which also serves as its moat. Visitors can take boat cruises around the palace for the best views — and photos — or head to an observation deck to snap pics of the surrounding gardens.


The next-best place in Japan for photos? Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari-Taisha, a circa-8th-century shrine featuring 5,000 striking orange gates.

14. Thailand

From Bangkok to Phuket, Thailand is an Instagrammer’s dream, filled with lush sites, scenic vistas and exotic foods.


Old Town’s Soi Romanee in Phuket, lined with brightly painted buildings, is considered the most Instagrammable spot in Thailand. Originally the Red Light District, this street once filled with gambling establishments, opium dens and brothels has transformed over the last decade, and today welcomes guests to a cleaner, more decadent environment.


As for Thailand’s bustling capital of Bangkok? Yes, it has plenty of historic attractions to recommend it, but the most Instagrammable spot is actually the Unicorn Cafe, an over-the-top ode to the mythical creature that’s packed with unicorn toys, stuffed animals and bright-pink furniture. It’s the kind of place that easily stands out on any Instagram feed.

13. France

Romantic and whimsical, France regularly inspires awe and jealousy in people scrolling through their social feeds.


In Paris, you may think the Eiffel Tower is the most Instagram-worthy attraction, but it’s actually the pastel-hued Rue Cremieux, near Gare de Lyon and Bastille, that earns that distinction. This actual residential street — named for Adolphe Cremieux, who fought for the rights of Jews living in Paris — looks like something out of a painting with its neatly aligned flower boxes, delicately-hued houses and cobblestone thoroughfare.


Over in Nice, shutterbugs prefer the Promenade des Anglais, a Mediterranean-facing promenade where sunbathers, palm trees, Art Deco buildings and outdoor sculptures meet to glorious effect.

12. Italy


Can we just go ahead and admit that the entire country of Italy is amazingly beautiful? Let us consider the Mediterranean coastal towns of Amalfi, Positano and Portofino; the golden-hued Tuscan villages of Sienna, San Gimignano and Florence; the narrow canals of Venice; and the ancient, awe-inspiring Rome. What’s not to love?


In Milan, the top spot for catching that coveted shot is Duomo di Milano, constructed in the 1300s — it’s the second largest church in the world! The best shots are taken from the ground level, but the Duomo is also open for tours that allow you to see the city from its terraces.


Another heavily Instatgrammed spot in the country is Sella del Diavolo, a cape located on the southern coast of spectacular Sardinia. Here, rocky outcroppings hug the bluer-than-blue sea. Not taking a photo is simply not an option.

11. United Kingdom
Avebury Manor & Garden/Instagram

Once you scroll through the thousands of images posted on Instagram of the UK — showcasing historic castles, the rolling countryside and the mega-metropolis of London — you, too, will want to head to the nation with your iPhone camera ready.


Think the best spot for a photo in London is a palace, the towering blue Tower Bridge or the Queen’s guards all dressed in red? Nope! It’s the flower-covered pub, the Churchill Arms, built in 1750. Winston Churchills’ grandparents frequented this pub, leading to its name. But it’s most well-known for the abundance of fresh flowers lining its exterior; this foliage has even won awards in the Chelsea Flower Show.


A little over an hour south of London, Brighton Beach, with its rocky shores and Edwardian pier, is another top spot begging to be photographed.

10. Singapore


This small island city-state lands in the top 10 thanks to its mix of towering high rises, colorful buildings and, at night, dazzling neon lights. But its most Insta-worthy spot is none of these things…


At Gardens by the Bay, a 250-acre garden sanctuary situated in the heart of Singapore, the unique Cloud Forest is considered the best place to snap a pic. This misty forest inside a towering atrium features gardens, sculptures and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

9. Dubai

In a city that strives to be the biggest and the best — the tallest buildings in the world, the biggest malls in the world, the most unique and record-breaking everything — Instagrammers can find much to fawn over.


The highest building on earth, the 2,722-foot Burj Khalifa, is definitely frame-worthy, as is Old Dubai’s lavish Madinat Jumeirah resort. Yet the most photographable spot of all is the Miracle Garden. It spans 72,000 acres and features more than 50 million flowers!

8. United States

Cosmopolitan cities, national parks, amusement parks and every natural feature imaginable, from sunflower fields to mountains to arid desert — America has it all, making it an obvious choice for a top-10 spot on this list.


The United States is so diverse and vast, Big 7 Travel compiled a separate list of the country’s most Instagrammable states, with go-big-or-go-home Texas nabbing the top spot. Here, the Rio Grande river, which carves its way through natural beauties like Big Bend National Park, is considered the most photographable spot.


The second-most-Instagrammable state? New York, where the Brooklyn Bridge as seen from Washington Street (in an area called DUMBO, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is the deserving star of Instagram.


Finally, California rounds out the list of the top three most photogenic states in the U.S. Here, Balboa Park in San Diego, a cultural refuge with 17 museums and lush gardens, is considered the most ready for its close-up.

7. India

India is a place where every sense is stoked, if not overwhelmed. You may not be able to capture all the scents and noises here, but the vividness of the vibrant country demands to be shared with the world on social media.


No trip is complete without a visit to the country’s markets, where colorful spices, clothing, jewelry and trinkets — and locals outfitted in florid embroidered clothing — make for stunning photos. Little wonder, then, that one of the most Instagrammed places in Mumbai is Colaba Causeway, a bustling street filled with vibrant street stalls.


Elsewhere in Mumbai, the Gateway of India, a circa-1924 arch monument with imposing scale and intricate architectural details, is featured in many an Instagram shot.


Want to take photos in Chennai? Big 7 suggests you head to Pulicat Lake, a bird sanctuary where flamingoes, pelicans, herons and other gorgeous avians pose elegantly for pics.

6. Maldives

Turquoise waters lapping against white-sand beaches lined with palm trees are popular on Instagram. And of any place on earth, nowhere embodies this natural beauty more than the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.


In this tropical nation filled with 1,000+ islands, underwater hotel rooms and luxurious resorts, the most Instagrammable locale is Niyama, a luxury resort spanning two islands, where over-the-water villas come with private pools.

5. South Africa

One of the most unique vacations you can take is an African safari, and for Instagrammers, that is what makes South Africa a must-see. Not only can you watch elephants and lions in the wild, but the country’s beaches, wineries and pastel houses are all but guaranteed to stoke FOMO in your friends.


Cape Town is much more than a city of international flair. Hiking trails, cliffside beaches and the oh-please-don’t-fall Diving Board rock on Table Mountain are awe-inspiring. The Diving Board, reached via a strenuous and somewhat dangerous hike, is the No. 1 gotta-have-it shot in the capital city.


Also Instagram-worthy in dynamic South Africa is the town of Durban and, more specifically, its idyllic North Beach.

4. Indonesia

Ah, Bali…the island getaway that dreams are made of. Indonesia, home to this beautiful island, is in the top 5 most Instagrammed places. Picture it: Temples, jungles and, of course, those beaches!


If you’re going to stay in one of the most coveted and luxurious places on earth, you’ll want to capture the moment. The infinity pool at the Hanging Gardens resort in Bali is the it place for jealousy-inducing Insta moments. Guests of the resort stay in posh villas in a jungle village north of Ubud.

3. Canada

From sea to shining sea, Canada is filled with natural wonders. From Niagara Falls to Vancouver, Banff to Whistler, outdoor adventures ensue. Fancy a more cultural experience in a city? Quebec City and Montreal have old-school charm in spades. Toronto and Vancouver, meanwhile, provide a more modern vibe.


People love color on Instagram, which may be why Toronto’s June Callwood Park, known as Pink Park, is hot on social media. As the name implies, pink is the color of choice, and makes for a dramatic backdrop.


Over in Vancouver, Lonsdale Quay Market is considered best for photo-ops. Here, over 90 shops overlook Vancouver’s harbor and skyline.


Montreal’s most Instagrammable location is the Jean Talon Market, where fresh fruits, veggies and flowers star in luscious pics.

2. Hong Kong

A juxtaposition of Eastern and Western cultures, the island of Hong Kong is a global hub filled with international dining, shopping and nightlife. Just shy of reaching the peak of the Big 7 list, Hong Kong’s architecture, people and sights fill Insta’s pages.


The Nam Shan Estate Playground, built in the ’70s, is considered the most Instagram-worthy spot in Hong Kong. It’s a bit ramshackle and not obviously exciting — just some monkey bars in front of an apartment complex — but touts pastel colors and symmetrical design ideal for pics.


Next up on the list of must-photograph spots, and a more obvious choice, is the Peak Tram, which overlooks the skyscrapers of the city from the world’s oldest funiculars.

1. Australia

Big 7 found the most Instagrammable country in the world to be Australia, for its hot cities, cool scenery and abundant, unique native wildlife.


As Instagrammers love tricky photo-ops on the edge, many check in at Wedding Cake Rock at the Royal National Park near Bundeena, where some even leap from the ledge. Fines are given out for those who do, though, so try the more static shot instead.


In Sydney, the top spot for pics isn’t the Sydney Opera House (though you should absolutely take photos of that iconic waterfront building) but Aqua S, an ice-cream shop where decadent toppings and colorful flavors make the sweet treat look like a work of art.

A source: Far&Wide