5 Tips To Choose A Hotel For Your Next Solo Business Trip

19/07/2019 17:13

For those who travel solo often, here are five tips for ensuring you’re safe, comfortable and ready for business:
1. Make sure it has positive reviews. TripAdvisor is a great place to start your hotel search. Filter hotel reviews so that you see only the reviews submitted by solo travelers or business travelers. Look at negative reviews first to see if there’s a common theme. If business travelers complain that the internet connection is unreliable or solo travelers report that there isn’t a second lock on the door, those are deal-breakers.
2. Find a one-stop-shop. A hotel with a restaurant, bar, coffee shop and meeting rooms makes it easy to do things efficiently. Use the meeting room as a neutral space to conduct a business meeting and the restaurant as an easy-to-access dinner meeting location.
3. Don’t forget to check for free, unlimited Wi-Fi. Free and unlimited in-room Wi-Fi access should always be at the top of your must-have list. Some hotels put a cap on your daily usage. Make sure you chose a hotel where access is unlimited to avoid surprise fees.
4. Check for in-room phones. A new trend in “hip” hotels is to remove basic amenities like in-room phones. Having a phone in your room can save you time if you need to ask the front desk a question, and it is certainly handy if there is an emergency while you’re in your room.
5. Research the neighborhood. Look for hotels near your meetings, but also be cognizant of the neighborhood. For instance, sometimes financial districts aren’t the best areas to stay in. People don’t typically live in this part of town, which can leave the streets eerily empty after the business day ends.
The smallest details can make a big difference. When you’re on the road, there’s no excuse for being unfocused or worse, for feeling unsafe. Choosing the right hotel is the best way to do both.