10 Famous People Who Lived in Hotels

20/06/2019 12:18

Let’s be honest: living in a hotel sounds kind of amazing. You can order room service whenever you want, you never have to clean up after yourself, and you can jump on the beds without feeling guilty about wrecking the box spring you paid for yourself.

Several famous actors, actresses, musicians and authors have spent extended periods of time living in hotels. These long-term hotel guests often created new songs, stories, and paintings while residing in hotels.

Who is the most famous person who lived in a hotel? Marilyn Monroe tops our list. Marilyn Monroe lived at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for two years. The hotel now rents a suite named for the blonde bombshell.

Coco Chanel lived in the Ritz Hotel in Paris for 37 years.

Elizabeth Taylor lived in the Hotel Bel-Air when she was married to Nicky Hilton.

Oscar Wilde lived and died in L’Hotel in Paris.

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston lived in the Hotel Pink Beach Club for almost a year.

Keanu Reeves lived in hotels for much of his adult life.

Bob Dylan lived in the Hotel Chelsea in New York City.

Robert De Niro lived at Chateau Marmont for extended periods of time. Now, he owns a hotel in Tribeca.

Mark Twain lived in several hotels including the Occidental Hotel in San Fransisco.

For several years, Ernest Hemingway lived in the Hotel Ambos Mundos in Cuba.