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    Standard Single

    Cozy single room with a single bed. Buffet breakfast is included.


    790 UAH

    Standard Double

    Room with a wide double bed. Buffet breakfast is included.

    Double occupancy - 1380,00 UAH


    1040 UAH

    Standard Twin

    Spacious room with two twin beds. Buffet breakfast is included.

    Double occupancy - 1380,00 UAH


    1040 UAH

    Business Standard

    Deluxe room with a wide double bed. Buffet breakfast is included. There is one room equipped for guests with disabilities.

    Double occupancy - 1580,00 UAH


    1240 UAH

    Junior Suite

    Deluxe room with advanced amenities. Buffet breakfast is included.

    Double occupancy - 1820,00 UAH


    1480 UAH


    Suite with two spacious rooms. Buffet breakfast is included.

    Double occupancy - 2520,00 UAH


    2180 UAH



    It’s been more than a 100 years since the “Teatralny” hotel, the remarkable example of the XX’th century architecture in Zaporizhzhia, has been the traditional choice of the guests and travellers from all over the world, as well as the main attraction for many celebrities and political leaders.

    Having been established in 1912, the hotel underwent a complete renovation in 2011, thus keeping the same stylish authentic look and becoming one of the best three-star business hotels, according to the International Hospitality Awards.

    The “Teatralny” hotel is located in the historical centre of the city right on the main avenue, which makes it possible for its visitors to easily reach the main railway station (2 km), as well as the Zaporizhzhia International Airport (12 km).

    The hotel has 112 cozy comfortable rooms of six different categories ranging from “Single room” to “Suite”, as well as the round-the-clock restaurant with European and Ukranian cuisine, the lobby-bar, 3 fully-equipped conference halls, a meeting room and a guarded parking area.




    Extra Service

    HISTORY of the Teatralny Hotel

    Star Guests

    • Studio "Kvartal 95"
    • Garik Korogodsky
    • Vivienne Mort
    • Valery Harchishin
    • Ada Rogovceva
    • Aida Nikolaichuk
    • Alexander Golovin
    • Alexander Pedan
    • Alexander Nosik
    • Alexander Semchev
    • Kelly Joyce
    • Kishe
    • Kuzma Skryabin
    • Liliya Rebrik
    • Music band "Vremya i steklo"
    • Danilec i Moiseenko
    • Music band "Druga Rika"
    • Dyadya Jora
    • Eva Bushmina
    • Evgen Litvinkovich
    • Elena Korikova
    • Valeriy Meladze
    • Vahtang Kikabidze
    • Viktor Andrienko
    • Vikto Bronuk (ТІК)
    • Vladimir Goryansky
    • Vladimir Kuzmin
    • Vladimir Steklov
    • Alexander Filipenko
    • Aleksey Vertinsky
    • Aleksey Maklakov
    • Alyosha
    • Artem Semenov
    • Artem Tihevich
    • Vadim Abramov (Auditor)
    • Ruslana Pisanka
    • Sergei Nikonenko
    • Sergei Pritula
    • Evelina Bledans
    • Sadalsky and Vasilieva
    • Yurii Gorbunov
    • Yurii Kuklachov
    • Olga Kabo
    • Olga Polyakova
    • Olga Ostroumova
    • Olga Sumskaya
    • Olga Freimut
    • Potap and music band "Mozgi"
    • Svetlana Tarabarova
    • Lolita
    • Lisapetnui Batalion
    • Nataliya Varlei
    • Natasha Koroliova
    • Music band "Neangely"
    • Oleg Filimonov
    • Olga Volkova
    • Zlata Ognevich
    • Ivar Kalnynsh
    • Katya Buzhunskaya
    • Orchestra «Hardy Orchestra»
    • Music band A.R.M.I.A
    • Rock Music band Motor'Rolla
    • DJ Rybik
    • Valery Harchishin
    • Radu Poklitaru
    • Pianoboy
    • band "Zhadan and dogs in space"
    • Felix Shinder and Odessa musical society "Money in advance"
    • Tamerlan & Alena Omargalieva
    • band "Tabula Rasa"
    • Anatoly Khostikoyev
    • Vladimir Goryansky
    • Oleynik
    • US astronaut Shannon Lucid
    • NATAN
    • BRUTTO
    • Band EPOLETS
    • Yaroslav Boyko
    • Oleg Vinnik
    • Football club "Zarya"
    • Solomyya Vytvytskaya
    • Denis Rozhkov
    • Oleg Sobchuk (lead singer S.K.A.I.)
    • Natalia Walewska
    • Sergiy Myhalok (Lyapis Trubetskoy)
    • Maria Tchaikovska
    • Gagarin Brothers
    • Sashko Lirnyk
    • Irma Vitovskaya
    • Anton Muharskyy
    • Tatyana Arntgolts
    • Grigory Antipenko
    • Boombox band
    • Ira Champion
    • Dima Kolyadenko
    • Artem Pivovarov
    • Amador Lopez
    • Nikita Borisoglebsky
    • Mila Nitich
    • Pavel Zibrov
    • Georgian National Choir "Tbilisi"
    • "Aviator"
    • Irina Fedishin
    • Dmitry Komarov
    • Moshe Pinchas Maly (Yaroslav Maly)
    • Group "Alone in a Canoe"
    • The show "Mamahohotala"
    • Real O
    • Dakh Daughters
    • Сергей Бабкин
    • Рожден Ануси
    • Дмитрий Шуров


    Restaurant «Teatralny»


    Corporate events

    Lobby bar


    Meals included into the cost of accomodation

    Corporation meeting

    Booking Form



    Weekend Rate

    Special Offer “Evening Bar”!

    Wedding Package

    Bonus Program

    Loyalty program

    Group Tariff

    Quest Room

    Hotel “Teatralny” and quest factory “Escape” offer our guests to spend their free time in an unusual way and take part in a new intellectual and adventure project – the quest room LOST HOTEL.


    What is the quest room LOST HOTEL?

    LOST HOTEL – is a real-life game with a detective plot where everything is for real! Just you and your team appear in the closed room that was forgotten for several decades in an abandoned wing of the hotel … And in order to escape you will have to make tough decisions, use all your skills, initiative, logic, coordination, critical thinking. as well as find all hidden clues, put together separate parts of the puzzle and, which is more, to overcome your fear!


    The main goal

    To escape the abandoned wing of the hotel while solving tasks and puzzles in 60 minutes.


    Anyone older 14 years

    How to take part?

    1. You will need a team 2-5* people
    2. Book the time and date at least 2 hours in advance before the start of the game through the phone: +38-061-220-80-00, +38-099-429-45-27, or on our web-site: www.pobeg.in.ua
    3. Arrive in Hotel “Teatralny” by the appointed time.
    4. Pay the participation fee.


    Payment details

    1. Monday-Friday: 400.00 UAH.
    2. Weekend and holiday days: 500.00 UAH


    *if your team has more than 5 people, you will need to pay extra 50,00 UAH per each additional member of the team.


    1. Your team 2-7 people will be locked in the abandoned wing of the Hotel “Teatralny” for 60 minutes. You will need to escape from the locked room during this time while solving all available tasks and puzzles. Regardless the result, the game is over, when time is up.
    2. All you need to remember is that you are one team, you need to coordinate, to exchange all the information you can find, and more importantly, not to interfere with each other.
    3. All you need to pass the game is your intellectual and team effort.



    1. It is forbidden to use smart phones or any other personal belongings while you play the game. All the things needed to win the game are in the quest room.
    2. It is forbidden to use brutal manpower towards the material assets that can be find in the room.
    3. It is forbidden to play in a state of intoxication as a measure to avoid conflict situations or accidents.

    In case administration notices that you try to brake, spoil something or to provoke conflicts, they can stop the game without any money refund.


    1. You are allowed to laugh and make jokes loudly.
    2. It is important to use your brain effectively.
    3. You are allowed to recommend LOSTHOTEL to your friends


    23 Troizka St., Zaporizhzhya – Hotel “Teatralny”.

    Green way

    We are proud to say that the “Teatralny” hotel is active at implementing environmentally sustainable programs, thus following its own “Green way”.

    The Hotel participates in a worldwide program “Earth Hour” since 2016.wwf-101974environmentally friendly and act sustainably.

    Earth Hour is an annual worldwide event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The event is held on the last Saturday of March from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. and encourages everyone (individuals, communities, various organizations etc.) to turn off the light and some of the non-essential equipment (except elevators) for one hour in order to evoke people’s interest and attract their attention to the importance of the climate change issue and other environmental problems.

    The hotel design is based on the eco-concept: only low-impact and sustainable materials, soft natural fabrics are used and tender colors prevail in the interior and textile design.

    Each room is equipped with eco-friendly furniture, hypoallergenic linens, fabrics and cosmetic sets, as well as modern ventilation and conditioning systems are provided.

    The restaurant of the “Teatralny” hotel offers its guests a wide variety of Ukrainian and European dishes made of environmentally sustainable and organic products only. In the menu you will always find fruit and vegetable fresh juices, jams and pickles, bakery and pastries made by our own recipe.

    The hotel purchases only high-quality environmentally friendly laundry and cleaning supplies.

    Because of the installation of tap aerators in bathrooms and workstations we manage to control the moderate usage of water, as well as to ensure its additional filtration, purification and softening processes.%d0%b7%d0%b5%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%bd%d0%b0%d1%8f-%d1%80%d1%83%d0%ba%d0%b01

    Various energy-efficient technologies are already installed and used in the hotel, for instance: heat recovery system, autonomous heating system, insulation of all hotel rooms, energy saving lamps, water flows meters, photo-diode sensors, etc.

    The implementation of the electronic management system has already led to a significant reduction of paper consumption. Along with this we also control that all paper, metal, plastic and glass items are recycled, and all out-of-order devices, lamps and batteries are utilized on time.

    The hotel management does their best to achieve the employee engagement by organizing trainings aimed at saving natural resources for the staff of the hotel.